A quotation email will explain that we are pre paid only and that we will call you to take down the full details relating to the booking. You will be able to pay by Card over the phone or use paypal or bank transfer. There will be no extra charges for these methods of payment, we even take American Express.
Once your booking has been placed our software will email you with all the booking details for you to review. If any updates or amendments are needed you are encouraged to email back by reply and inform us immediately.

The driver will be allocated according to your booking requirements or requests within two weeks of your advance booking. The driver will have an oportunity to accept or decline. This way accountability has been passed to the driver. He can login and check the details. As soon the driver has accepted the job an automated text and email notification will be sent to you as customer giving details of your booking and driver details including vehicle information, contact details and driver photo. The driver will contact you on the day before you travel to make sure all the booking is as it should be and for directions if needed. This gives you as a customer, confidence that a driver will be attending to your booking. We advise that if no contact by driver or even email and text notification by the day before your journey, then you should call our office to confim all is in place and get driver details. This is why we believe that we care and support you based our procedure above.


Our central booking process is handled by Barries Cars (Taxi Colchester)Ltd. The drivers and cars are licensed and registered by a Uttlesford Borough Council and Colchester Borough Council. Operator licences are held in both Uttlesford and Colchester for relevant vehicles and drivers.

Our cars are mostly Mercedes, within 5 years old. Our drivers are all dressed formally with white collar shirt and black trousers.

Cleanliness is important and we have a policy for cars to be cleaned and customer ready after each journey where possible. Any comments on this area is apreciated so that we can improve. After all when you board an aircraft you do not expect to see newspapers and rubbish left behind from previous passengers, So we adopt a similar approach with our cars.

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